Cushing Lake Drained After Spillway Breach

Aug 21, 2019

A lake in north-central Oklahoma was left almost completely drained following a spillway leak this weekend.

Cushing Lake was 18 feet deep on Saturday. Now, there’s less than two feet of water left, following Sunday’s breach of the 90-year-old wall. The cause of the leak has not yet been determined.

Terry Brannon, Cushing’s City Manager, says⁠—luckily⁠—the water flowed into a nearby creek, which prevented any damage.

“We've checked with landowners, and there have been no flooding of farmland, no harm to livestock, and no harm to any type of structures,” says Brannon.

Cushing Lake was being used solely for recreational purposes. But Brannon says there are many options for the lake following the breach. However, it must be completely drained before any decisions can be made.

Once drained, the City can make an assessment of what happened to the spillway in order to determine future steps.