COVID-19 Cases Spike At Comanche County Detention Center In Lawton

May 18, 2020

The Comanche County Detention Center in Lawton now has 102 prisoners who have tested positive for COVID-19. Most of the prisoners who tested positive are reportedly asymptomatic.

The situation has gotten so bad the state health department ordered jail administrator William Hobbs not to take in any more prisoners.

"Saturday I got the order," Hobbs said. "A team shows up to assist us in assessing the situation and start cleanup procedures."

Hobbs said that team is made up of Department of Corrections staff. One of the options they’re considering is moving people out of the overcrowded jail, but it’s unclear where they would take them.

Hobbs said seven of his staff who tested positive are at home in isolation. One staff member was hospitalized but is recovering.

Less than two weeks ago, the jail had only found 30 positive cases. More infections were discovered as the health department ramped up testing at the jail.