A Closer Look At Tulsa Grunge-Pop Band Ramona And The Phantoms

Feb 14, 2019

Ramona and the Phantoms, the solo project of Kylie Slabby, have been playing shows in Tulsa since 2015. All of this experience in the scene has given the front person a unique view on the state of things in Tulsa.

KOSU intern Kyra Bruce delivers this docu-concert to showcase Slabby's music, her thoughts on the Tulsa music scene, and how to improve it for everyone. Give it a watch and be sure to check them out on Spotify below if you love their grunge-pop tunes as much as we do!

Interview Highlights:

On her lyrics:

"Ramona and the Phantoms is kind of like a diary sort of. I can kind of just dish everything I feel and I think I needed that outlet because ... it started because the songs weren't fitting in with the other bands I was in at the time and I was like 'I really want to get this out there though.' It just feels good once I like make it into a song - it's almost like I can say goodbye to that feeling."

"I really like when I listen to a band and I can relate to the lyrics so well it just sends goosebumps like all over my body. It's like 'wow I really needed to hear this right now.' So I hope that like my lyrics can do that for other people."

On the Tulsa music scene:

"I started noticing things with the scene being very male-dominated, and that's not even the biggest problem to me. It's the men who are in the music scene and how they act and how everybody just puts up with it and praises them and nothing ever changes."

"When I try to speak out against them I am just kind of like shut out, called a liar, or people just roll their eyes ... I would feel more supported if people believed in me when I try to stand up against the abusers in this town."

On her style:

"Sometimes I wish like everybody could be more brave kind of and not give a f***, that's like my attitude ... Just like do what you want, say what you want, say how you feel, don't worry about what people think of you."