Budget Plan Fails, OKC Panhandling Ban Amended & Biggs Resigns

Nov 10, 2017

This Week in Oklahoma Politics, KOSU's Michael Cross talks with Republican Political Consultant Neva Hill about the failure by the State House to pass a measure to increase taxes on cigarettes, gas, low-pont beer and oil and gas wells to help fix a $215M shortfall in the budget, the State Health Department says it can't make payroll at the end of the month without a supplemental appropriation from the legislature and a national credit rating agency warns Oklahoma could drop in its credit rating because of a failure to fix the budget.

The trio also discusses an amendment to Oklahoma City's panhandling law which only bans it on medians with speeds 40mph or faster and Chickasha Republican Representative Scott Biggs who has been a major opponent of criminal justice reform resigns to take a position with the US Department of Agriculture.