Beau Brady's Top 15 Songs of 2015

Dec 29, 2015

Beau Brady of You're Welcome shares his 15 favorite songs of 2015:

15. D'Angelo & The Vanguard - "Really Love"

Technically released in 2014, but he performed this song on SNL back in January of this year. I don't think any SNL guest has topped it since. Easily one of the best songs on Black Messiah and also of the year.


14. Wet - "Weak (Clams Casino Remix)"

Clams Casino did an Adult Swim single with Danny Brown that was quite good. However, the intense emotion pumping through this Wet remix is a stark reminder why I've loved Clams Casino's music for four years now. Not to mention it introduced me to Wet, that I promise you will have an excellent 2016.


13. Drake - "Know Yourself"

There may have been "better" Drake songs that came out this year, but none of them have a line as memorable as, "RUNNING THROUGH THE 6 WITH MY WOES." Because you know how that one goes.


12. Future & Drake - "Jumpman"

Is that a crow or a raven cawing after Drake says "Wooo" in this song? I guess I'll have to listen to it 100 more times to find out.


11. Julia Holter - "Lucette Stranded on the Island"

The longest song off one of my favorite records of the year. The poem she reads during the climax coupled with her hitting high notes like the birds singing in her song is easily the most memorable musical moment of 2015 for me.


10. Hot Chip - "Need You Now"

These guys are always good for at least one unforgettable song when they release a new album. This is the sound of them meeting that quota yet again.


9. Vince Staples - "Norf Norf"

My favorite rap album of the year and the best song Vince did with Clams Casino. Enough said.

8. Rihanna - "Bitch Better Have My Money"

I didn't want to love this song. I really did not. But then I saw that insane NSFW music video  before leaving work on a Friday. Needless to say I found myself shouting this song aloud in OKC bars for the remainder of the year.


7. Jamie xx feat. Romy - "Loud Places"

Romy's voice has been one of my favorites ever since The xx released their debut album in 2009. Hearing her on this sweeping dance track was an instant highlight of the year. Seeing her and Jamie skateboard around town in the music video is a must see as well.


6. Grimes - "REALiTi"

A demo version of this song was released earlier this year to everyone's excitement. It appeared again on Grimes' new album Art Angels as well. Proof that writing another "Oblivion" or "Genesis" was just a matter of time.


5. Chromatics - "In Films"

Unfortunately, Dear Tommy didn't end up getting released this year. Fortunately, the lead single "In Films" is the catchiest song they've ever written. Released back in May, its impact hasn't dwindled despite hundreds of plays. If Dear Tommy is anywhere on the level of this song, 2016 better look out.


4. Main Attrakionz feat. Shady Blaze - "Shoot the Dice"

Even though I listened to Main Attrakionz' 808's & Dark Grapes II a few years back, I was ready for 808's & Dark Grapes III to come out this summer. When I went to casually listen to it one day, I didn't make it far past opening track "Shoot the Dice." Pretty sure I listened to it 10 times before listening to the rest of the album. I'm still listening to it today.


3. Viet Cong - "Death"

I'm pretty sure this is the best closing track on any album released in 2015. Just a little longer than 11 minutes but it flashes by in what feels like eight. Even though it came out in January, it's held up throughout all of 2015.



I had a feeling in 2009 when they released "Die Slow" that maybe one day HEALTH would move more toward an accessible sound. They finally did it and this song represents how far HEALTH have come from their very noisy beginnings.


1. Neon Indian - "Slumlord"

Technically two songs on his new album VEGA INTL. Night School, but they are clearly meant to be heard as one. Take a look at the "Slumlord Rising" music video if you need further proof, which you do, because this is the best song of 2015.