Alexa, Play 'Morning Edition'

Oct 17, 2019

KOSU's Morning Edition is now available on-demand on all Alexa-enabled smart speakers. Just say, "Alexa, play Morning Edition," and you will hear the last hour of that morning's show as it was aired on KOSU. 

You will no longer need to worry about missing a story, or tuning in mid-broadcast, because now you can choose when to listen at your own convenience.

Plus, it's localized. This means that the on-demand experience of Morning Edition, with its original national segments and local news from KOSU, will be available on Alexa-enabled smart speakers each weekday from 7am to 3pm CST. (Outside of this timeframe listeners will hear KOSU's live stream.)

According to NPR's latest Smart Audio Report, a reported 53 million people (21% of the U.S. adult population) now own at least one smart speaker - and NPR content will be right there, meeting listeners wherever they go.

"Together with our Member Stations, NPR has been dedicated to building relationships with Amazon Alexa and other voice services and amplifying the unique national-local experience that our audience knows and trusts," said NPR Chief Digital Officer Thomas Hjelm. "In recent months, we have been working to deliver more NPR and public radio content directly to these new platforms, including local station streams on Alexa and Google Assistant and more. This new initiative brings our most listened-to news program, Morning Edition, to the voice-activated, on-demand world. It's another example of how, together, NPR and stations will sustain our reach, relevance and mission in the future."

Tune in, and stay informed.

If you are not getting KOSU's local Morning Edition using this command, just say, "Alexa, Ask NPR to change my station." Then, when prompted choose KOSU.