26 Oklahomans Return After Quarantine On Cruise Ship, Military Bases

Mar 16, 2020

Governor Kevin Stitt announced the return of the 26 Oklahomans who were quarantined aboard the Grand Princess cruise ship and at U.S. military bases.

"These passengers were all asymptomatic before being allowed to come home, and our state health department officials will ensure they have the resources they need while resting at home and recovering from this stressful experience," Governor Stitt said in a press release. 

The 2,400 passengers aboard the cruise ship were taken to military bases located in California, Georgia and Texas. The state of Oklahoma chartered planes and buses to bring the Oklahomans on board back from their various locations. The first passengers arrived back in the state late Saturday and the remainder arrived on Sunday. 

The effort to get the passengers back to Oklahoma was a collaboration between state officials and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 

The 26 Oklahomans are not symptomatic and will remain quarantined at home for 14 days with monitoring by local health officials. 

Commissioner of Health, Gary Cox, says there were only two confirmed cases of COVID-19 of the 3,500 total people on the cruise ship.