Victor A. Pozadas

Victor A. Pozadas joined KOSU in May 2017 as a student reporter and photographer. He is a Journalism graduate from Oklahoma City Community College.

He currently works as Editor of the OCCC Pioneer newspaper, winning several awards for his news writing and photography. He also reports for El Latino newspaper, presenting bilingual stories on the Hispanic community in Oklahoma.

As a former engineer, his passion for journalism stemmed from a creative curiosity not explored in his previous career, which led him to a collage of opportunities, leading him to KOSU.

Ways to Connect

Victor A. Pozadas

When Eugene Field Elementary was forced to discontinue the arts at their school, Current Studio co-founder Kelsey Karper knew there was a way to bring it back.

Current Studio, an independent visual arts space in Oklahoma City, resides in the Classen Ten Penn neighborhood shared by Eugene Field Elementary.

Financial restraints forced the school to eliminate their arts program.

“Everyone in Oklahoma as far as I’ve encountered understands that there’s a budget crisis here,” Karper said.

Homeless In College: Five Students, Five Stories

Oct 4, 2017
Victor A. Pozadas

Earlier this year, 12 journalism students at Oklahoma City Community College were tasked with writing about the life of homeless college students in the Oklahoma City area. Below, hear our interview with some of those reporters and read their final story.

One turned to crime.

A second quit college.

The third moves from place to place.

The fourth is trying to help.

And the fifth has built a better life.

Five different people with a unique story and a common thread; each has struggled to attend college while being homeless.

Victor A. Pozadas

A new craft brewery and taproom opens this weekend on the west side of downtown Oklahoma City.

Stonecloud Brewing Co. owner and head brewer Joel Irby is a Stillwater native, who spent the last decade working at breweries in Colorado. He says it's an exciting time for the beer market in Oklahoma.

Victor A. Pozadas

Beginning July 1, a new fee will be implemented to all professional sports tickets sold in the state.

Oklahomans can expect this hike to affect prices on tickets for teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder, Energy FC, and Dodgers, as well as the Tulsa Oilers, Roughnecks FC, and Drillers.

House Bill 2361 was signed into law earlier this year to help fill the state's almost $900 million dollar budget shortfall. This fee is projected to generate around $2.6 million dollars a year.

Victor A. Pozadas

Thousands lined the OKC Pride parade route along NW 39th Street on Sunday evening.

The parade capped off a weekend of events for OKC Pride, which was celebrating 30 years since its first parade in 1987. Small gay pride celebrations in Oklahoma City date back to the 1970s.

Above are some photos we took during the parade.

Joe Wertz / StateImpact Oklahoma

Never miss an election again, thanks to a new service from the Oklahoma State Election Board.

Oklahoma voters can sign up for text or e-mail alerts for notifications of upcoming elections and reminders to renew their annual absentee ballot requests.

State Election Board Secretary Paul Ziriax says the system will help Oklahoma voters, making it easier to cast their vote on Election Day.

Oklahoma has notoriously low turnout for midterms and special elections, and the new service hopes to address that issue.

Gary Richardson, a Republican candidate for Oklahoma governor in 2018, is filing a lawsuit disputing the constitutionality of three House Bills recently signed into law.

The bills add new fees onto electric or compressed natural gas vehicles, automobile purchases, and some tax return filings.

Oklahoma is receiving an extension to meet the requirements in the Real ID Act, according to a statement from Governor Mary Fallin.

The extension from U.S. Department of Homeland Security allows Oklahomans entry to federal buildings and airports using a state-issued ID through at least October 10.

Oklahoma State Senator Joe Newhouse is being deployed in support of U.S. operations in northern Africa, as a member of the Navy Reserve.

The Broken Arrow Republican was a jet pilot in the U.S. Navy prior to his election in 2016, and flew multiple combat missions during the Iraq War. He says he's ready to serve his country again in the war on terror.

"I've been recalled to active duty. And I want to fulfill my role in this great mission. This is something I believe in, something I'm prepared to do. This is for the greater good."

Jane Abraham

Amtrak demonstrated a new train route Friday from Oklahoma City to Kansas City.

Oklahoma Department of Transportation Director Mike Patterson said the new stop in Newton, Kansas would serve as the missing piece connecting the train route into Kansas.

"The Newton expansion has been something that's been talked about for several years with the state of Kansas and the state of Oklahoma," he said. "They're going to show what the train ride would look like all the way up to Newton and then on into Kansas City."