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One Small Step: Kelli and Carol

One Small Step: Kelli and Carol
Illustration by Blake Behrens
Illustration of Kelli (left) and Carol (right)

One Small Step participants Kelli Dickerson and Carol Hilborn met for the first time virtually in mid-September.

In their conversation together, they connected over little coincidences throughout their 50 minutes spent — particularly over moments of their life spent in Mississippi and both their mothers growing up in the same Oklahoma town.

One major concern for both - and one of the reasons we paired them together - was they were deeply concerned about the growing divisiveness that faces the country today and how the dialogue around addressing differences are conducted.

In their conversation, their connection with lessons they've learned through motherhood and from the children in their lives, as well as how they view themselves as voters, stood out to highlight from the full conversation.

This feature was produced by KOSU's Kateleigh Mills and Matthew Viriyapah. StoryCorps’ One Small Step is made possible in part by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a private corporation funded by the American people.

Oklahoma City became one of four communities in the country anchoring the One Small Step program into 2022.  You can learn more here.

Kateleigh Mills is the Special Projects reporter for KOSU.
Matthew Viriyapah is KOSU's production assistant and host of the music podcast Songwriters & Tour Riders.
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