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Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a law Monday that reforms virtual charter school rules.

House Bill 2905, authored by Tulsa Republican Sheila Dills, will increase virtual charter school transparency and tweak policies lawmakers found problematic.

Virtual charters will be required to host orientations, increase required participation and limit the number of times students can transfer.

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Like many of us, Robert LaBorde's daily routines have been impacted by COVID-19 - but that hasn't stopped him from living a full life. In his audio diary, he talks about being a caregiver for his mother-in-law, experiencing loss during a pandemic and how joy can still be found when plans fall by the wayside.

Local headlines for Tuesday, May 19, 2020:

No new deaths from COVID-19. (Tulsa World)

Coronavirus vaccine could face issues in our state. (Oklahoma Watch)

The coronavirus took its toll on the 2020 legislative session.

Oklahoma lawmakers finished their work on Friday after meeting just 36 days since February 3, possibly the fewest in state history. Constitutionally, the legislature can still meet until the last Friday in May, but leaders say they will only call lawmakers back to override any vetoes from the governor.

Top gubernatorial issues left undone include criminal justice, medical billing and civil service reform, as well as agency consolidation and more public money for private schools.

Stillwater Mayor Will Joyce recently appeared on the national talk radio show America Amplified: Life, Community and COVID-19. The show explores local community perspectives and solutions to issues during the coronavirus pandemic.

In the May 16th airing of the show, Mayor Joyce talked about Stillwater's reopening plan, which orginally required customers to wear face masks. The mayor later amended his plan to include a strong recommendation for masks after store employees were threated with violence.

The Comanche County Detention Center in Lawton now has 102 prisoners who have tested positive for COVID-19. Most of the prisoners who tested positive are reportedly asymptomatic.

The situation has gotten so bad the state health department ordered jail administrator William Hobbs not to take in any more prisoners.

"Saturday I got the order," Hobbs said. "A team shows up to assist us in assessing the situation and start cleanup procedures."

Because of a legislative session shortened by COVID-19, only a handful of education policy bills moved through the House and Senate to make it to the governor’s desk.

Time constraints meant only the bills most important to lawmakers could make it to Gov. Kevin Stitt.

So a hodgepodge of priority education legislation is currently being considered by the governor.

If signed by the governor, they would tweak virtual charter school rules, combat the teacher shortage and take other narrow measures.

No new deaths due to COVID-19 were reported for a second straight day on Monday, as the state's death toll stays flat at 288.

Health officials confirmed that total positive cases of the coronavirus in the state now stand at 5,398, an increase of 88 cases from Sunday. That's a one and a half percent increase in total reported cases.

Local headlines for Monday, May 18, 2020: