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Mairead Todd / KOSU

Oklahoma’s coronavirus hospitalizations have been trending up for weeks and just crossed yet another milestone.

As of Monday evening, the number of people hospitalized for the virus stood at a record-high of 821, and the share of those hospitalizations in the intensive care unit reached a record-high of 319.


The body entrusted with running the Oklahoma County Jail reconsidered a vote Monday to remove an ICE agent from the jail. The vote occurred as the jail trust faces a lawsuit demanding cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Oklahoma has one of the highest rates of domestic violence in the country -- more than 26,000 cases in 2019 alone according to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

Oklahoma's ACT scores are continuing to decline. Recently released numbers from the tester show the state’s average score fell for the second straight year.

Oklahoma health officials reported two new deaths due to COVID-19 on Monday, bringing the state's total to 1,173. They are as follows:

Counting for the census ended last Thursday, but Tribes in Oklahoma and nationwide fear that the early end could lead to an undercounting of Native Americans.

Seth Bodine / KOSU

Oklahoma is in another flash drought — a drought that appears and spreads rapidly like a flood. This could affect farmers trying to plant crops, ranchers trying to feed cattle and increase wildfire danger across the state.

Seth Bodine / KOSU

There are fewer than 1,800 Black farmers in Oklahoma, and many are working second jobs to make a living. But Oklahoma once had a thriving agricultural community. Harvest Public Media’s Seth Bodine explains how things have changed and visits one farmer trying to keep his ancestor’s legacy alive.