Local headlines for Wednesday, September 11, 2019:

Oklahoma has the second-highest uninsured rate in the country.  (NewsOK)

Group accuses governor of promoting religion. (Tulsa World)

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Every Tuesday, The Spy adds new music to its rotation. Here are the adds for the week of September 10, 2019. This week's playlist includes a new song by Foals, more from Iggy Pop's latest album, a track from Babe Rainbow, and so much more.

Headlines for Tuesday, September 10, 2019:

Local headlines for Monday, September 9, 2019:

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Every week, the Oklahoma Music Minute gives a run down of where you can see live music. There is so much great music being played in the state and we encourage you to get out and see some of these musicians live! Here are our picks for the week of September 9.

Quinton Chandler / StateImpact Oklahoma

At eight-years-old David Hall was taken from his mother’s house in Canadian County and placed into foster care. He had been abused most of his life and was struggling with PTSD.

Hall says he didn’t talk about being abused, he assumed it was normal.

“That’s not really something you talk about at school. When I was a kid, I talked about Scooby-Doo and things like that,” Hall said.

This Week in Oklahoma Politics, KOSU' Michael Cross talks with Republican Political Consultant Neva Hill and ACLU Oklahoma Executive Director Ryan Kiesel about the decision by the Secretary of State's office to move forward with counting signatures on a petition to stop permitless carry, rather than waiting on a ruling from the State Supreme Court.

Megan Silveira / FAPC Communications Services

Researchers at Oklahoma State University are working on turning beer waste into food.

When beer is made, starch and sugars are extracted from the grain, but the solid material is left as waste—nearly 52 pounds for every barrel brewed.