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Entries We Love: Little Moon, 'Wonder Eye'

Hometown: Springville, Utah

Pairs well with: Staring at a fire and pondering existential questions

"This song is about death :P" Little Moon describes its entry with a playful dissonance that immediately pulls you in. Submitted on opening day, "Wonder Eye" marks the group's confident return to the Tiny Desk Contest, and it's thrilling to see such an assured entry right out of the gate. Staged in a dark red room sprinkled with lit candles, lead singer Emma Hardyman sits on the floor while the rest of the group surrounds her in opposing colors. "Wonder Eye" starts with Hardyman's angelic voice floating above a delicately plucked guitar, but just as you're starting to get comfortable, a sudden shift introduces a heavy guitar, drum and bassline, juxtaposed with dreamy harp and synth keyboard. "Is it a tale that we make true in the telling? / Is there a knowledge that is found not in knowing?" Nathan Hardyman sings, in lyrics that capture the musical contrast. Little Moon explores these clashing questions with harmony and intention. For a song about death, "Wonder Eye" is full of life.

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Devon Williams
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