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Overo, 'Another Year in Hell'

"It's only gotten worse!" What better way to bellow our collective angst about the still-very-much-in-progress pandemic than with screamo? Overo's title track contribution to Another Year in Hell — a 4-way split featuring Punch On!, Zochor and Coma Regalia — is an exasperated thrust into Zoom-fatigued abyss. The Houston band features members from Perfect Future and Football, etc. in a '90s post-hardcore mode somewhere between I Hate Myself and Rainer Maria: chugging riffs and hoarse yelps in tandem with twinkly arpeggios and pop-punky vocal hooks. In just a couple years, Overo's quickly nestled into a nostalgic screamo sound, but "Another Year in Hell" is a great example of how dynamic personalities can reinvigorate memory. Case in point: the accompanying video, a tongue-in-cheek slideshow presentation graphing the rise of false screamo, egg punk's market saturation over chain punk and the ultimate screamo formula: riff, noodly bit, riff, scream, breakdown, repeat.

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