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Kat Lock Loves A Loud Woman & A Leopard Print Dress

Kat Lock plays 89th Street in OKC this Friday, July 12

KOSU intern Matthew Viriyapah interviewed Oklahoma City indie musician Kat Lock earlier this year when she only had one single, "Hard to Find." Formerly of the band, St. Basic, Lock has been striking out on her own for the past year. Now, her first EP, You Again, is set to come out, with another possibly on the horizon for 2019.

In this interview Kat Lock explains her love for reality TV and loud women, the process behind "Hard to Find," and more. 

Hear the interview above and read some highlights below.

On going solo from band, St. Basic

I've played with them (her band) all before, but the difference is when I get a show offer and maybe my bassist can't do it, I can find a bassist. In that way it's easier. I'm more in control of shows I can do and things that I do. If I want to play this show, let's do it. If I want to release this song, let's do it.

On her single, "Hard to Find"

That song ("Hard to Find") I had actually taken to St. Basic. Well, I had only shown it to the drummer... And he really liked it and then like—that was kind of a lot of St. Basic, we just couldn't get together. So I was writing all these songs, but we never had the time to practice so that was one that fell through.

That's one of the few songs that I actually came up with the music first. And that's 'cause it had been another song that I just got like halfway through, but I really liked the chord progression to it. I just couldn't finish it...it was about a different guy. So I took that chord progression and wrote "Hard to Find" really quickly.

One of my favorite stories with that song is I sent it to my friend who is in Magic Munchbox. He said "I really like it, but you should maybe make it a little less complicated. Sometimes simpler is better..."

And I sat and thought about it and was like, 'F*** that.' And I didn't change it at all!


Kat is having an EP release show at 89th Street Collective in Oklahoma City. Matt Jewett and One Two Ten, as well as Caleb Alvin James will also be performing. You can find more information about Kat Lock on Facebook.

Matthew Viriyapah is KOSU's production assistant and host of the music podcast Songwriters & Tour Riders.
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