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The Annie Oakley's Jo Babb Finds New Musical Outlet In Spinster

Jo Babb of Spinster

Spinster is an indie rock band, made up of other local outfits like SWIMFAN, Mad Honey, and The Annie Oakley. Spinster is fairly new and are releasing their self-titled album with a release show at The Opolis in Norman on Friday, June 28.

Matthew Viriyapah spoke with Jo Babb, also of The Annie Oakley, about the new album and the differences between the bands.

Hear the interview above and read some highlights below.

On future plans

We (The Annie Oakley) were all planning on moving to Colorado, but now our plans have shifted a little bit and Nia (Personette) and I are staying here for the next year and Sophie (Babb) is going out (to Colorado). I’m focusing on Spinster in the meantime.

On the name, Spinster

My grandma growing up always referred to ‘spinsters’ as like something in a positive light, like something she always wanted to be but never got the chance after falling in love with my grandpa. And I’ve always thought that the idea of an old single spinster was something kind of badass, like she made it through life without marriage or children.

If I can make it without getting married, then I may have succeeded in some way, personally.

As someone who’s not really interested in neither of those things the name ‘Spinster’ both resonates with me and also kind of makes me laugh.

On Greek Myths

I grew up reading Greek Mythology books and I was obsessed with it for a long time. So when I think of like life lessons and morals it always comes back to some mythological story. For those two songs, in particular, they really fit the experience I was going through and they just happened to be my favorites off the record.


On the album

The other four songs that I recorded at Lunar Manor Studios are fun, I think? They’re a little more pop-influenced but still definitely indie rock. Two of the songs I recorded with a fella named Lennon Bramlett in Norman. And those are my most recent songs with Spinster and they’re softer and little bit darker. So you can get pretty happy or really sad if you want to, listening to this record.

On the differences between The Annie Oakley and Spinster

I fight a lot more in The Annie Oakley with Sophie and Nia. And that just might be because we’ve known each other forever. But the boys are so⁠—like we care about really different things. It’s just a different dynamic.

You find more information about Spinster here. They release their self-titled album this Friday at The Opolis in Norman. Maddie Razook and Charlotte Bumgarner will also be performing.

Matthew Viriyapah is KOSU's production assistant and host of the music podcast Songwriters & Tour Riders.
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