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There's Still Time To Submit Your Rendition Of The 'Morning Edition' Theme


And now we have some news that comes from you. Last week, we issued a challenge to musicians in our audience. We wanted to hear how you would perform the MORNING EDITION theme song. And we have a lot of submissions we're excited to share. Let's start with a bluesy rendition by Josh Sklair of Culver City, Calif.


INSKEEP: Fun fact about Josh Sklair, for 25 years, he was the music director for the jazz and soul singer Etta James. Next, fans of classic video games will love this 8-bit rendition by the Portland, Ore. band Filthy Frackers.


INSKEEP: Super Mario edition, and finally, we have high school senior Will Bauer of Bloomington, Ill., who created a dance mix because it's always a party in here early in the morning.


INSKEEP: Keep them coming. Post your version of the MORNING EDITION theme on SoundCloud with the #morningeditiontheme. Then go to morningeditiontheme.npr.org where you'll find all the info to send it in. We're going to keep playing the hits right here. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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