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Chris White's 14 Favorite Songs of 2015

KOSU development specialist Chris White shares his 14 favorite songs of 2015, alphabetized "because I used to work at Blockbuster Video."

Courtney Barnett – "Depreston"

No other song captured a more accurate snapshot of a random day of house-hunting as great as this song. Also, few songs this year were flat-out better.



Beach Slang – "Young and Alive"

It's just a record that sounds like a Replacements record. And a lot of other records too. Beach Slang essentially are made up of the best parts of your favorite bands. It won't change your life, but it will certainly sound good while it tries.



Dan Deacon – "Feel The Lighting"

Through muddled vocals and references to something about a Tom Petty song and something else about Johnny Depp, Dan Deacon crafted one of his more structured and best songs of his career.



Desaparacedios – "10 Steps Behind"

It's been 13 since since Desaparecidos last record and singer Conor Oberst is still angry. The world needs him angry. He is at his best when chaos is about.



Eskimeaux – Broken Necks

The only decent thing Matt Carney did all year was introduce me to this band.



Alex Feder – "Moments Of Silence"

"These days the kids dance to moments of silence..." Now just go listen to the song.



Carly Rae Jepsen – "Warm Blood"

Too much vaping combined with having Rostam Batmanglij produce her song, does in fact make this the 80’s synth-homage that Taylor Swift wishes she had made. Also, the song of the summer, just ask Lucas Ross.


Majical Cloudz – "Call On Me"

One of the simplest, quietest, and best songs of the year.



Metric – "The Shade"

It is the catchiest, biggest song Metric has ever made and for this we must all dance.



Mirror Talk – "1/M/T"

Another song that is made of the best parts of your favorite songs. That 4/4 beat. The whispers of old disco. The lyrics about a lost love. Even the title of this song pays homage to one of the best pop songs ever written.



Monk Parker – "Sadly Yes"

Because every autumn needs a depressing ballad to soundtrack the season.



Kacey Musgraves – "Dime Store Cowgirl"

Let’s be honest, Kacey Musgraves could sing a recipe to you and it would sound great. Her songs take on their own own mythology while borrowing from the best of those country stars before her.



Radical Dads – "Desperado Dude Lens"

Despite one of the more painful band names in recent memory, this song will make your 90's-era-heart sing with glory.



Sun Kil Moon – "This Is My First Day And I’m Indian And I Work At A Gas Station"

Borrowing from the book of Robert Pollard as to what actually constitutes as a “song.” Mark Kozelek gives us a 10-minute epic that covers subjects as diverse as 1) being stuck/going insane in Switzerland 2) a root canal procedure 3) conversations with Jane Fonda , and well, you get the idea. Every line of this song deserves its own song. However, The Koz gives us his best stream-of-consciences-song since he invented the genre last year with Benji. (P.S., this record is better than that one.)


Chris left KOSU in February 2016. If you have an underwriting question, please contact development@kosu.org.
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