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Sting Like A Bee: A Kickboxing Workout Mix

John Gichigi
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It's hard to keep your cool when life's little annoyances start to pile up. Your boss doesn't appreciate you, your in-laws won't stop talking smack, the bus is late again and you've finally had enough. Your rage has been brewing for far too long, but before you explode into a Hulk-like tirade, channel your anger into a kickboxing workout with these hard-hitting, fast-paced songs. The club beats will get your heart pounding, but you're not stepping on the dance floor; you're getting in the ring.

It's time to turn up the volume, strap on the gloves and get to the punching bag, but don't just go flailing your limbs in the air. Keep your focus, visualize your target and strike. Execute your moves with control and power to show those punks exactly what you're made of. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Get cracking.

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White Light

Hear "White Light" on YouTube.

The members of Gorillaz tapped into their id psyche for this track off Demon Days. A sinister voice introduces a thumping drum beat for you to warm up to. Get your knees up high as you run in place, then immediately transition into jumping jacks. Your heart rate will climb quickly with the help of this blood-pumping song. But when the guitar feedback transitions into a calm acoustic interlude, that doesn't mean you get to ease off. Drop into a low squat and breathe through the pain. Get yourself into a trance, because this workout has just begun.

Beat It

Hear "Beat It" on YouTube.

It's time to start punching. If Michael Jackson can get aggressive, then you can, too. Don't wimp out on these combos: Throw a jab; cross; hook; uppercut like you're part of MJ's gang in the classic video. When Eddie Van Halen hits his shredding stride in the solo, match his ferocity with alternating quick jabs. Ask yourself: How strong is your fight?

Why Don't You Love Me [*]

Hear "Why Don't You Love Me" on YouTube.

Maybe by now, you're second-guessing how powerful you are. Now's the time to dig deep and remember what you're fighting for in the first place. Beyonce is on a rampage in this desperate, lovelorn anthem. So if you relate on any level, imagine how satisfying a swift kick would feel when you land one on anyone giving you guff. Lift your legs from deep down in your core and attack with the same strength and poise in Beyonce's voice. Even when she's a sweaty mess, Ms. Knowles is a force to be reckoned with. You are, too.

Bring The Tabloid Scores

Hear "Bring the Tabloid Scores" on SoundCloud.

In this mash-up, you get the motivational rallying cry of Chuck D and Flavor Flav of Public Enemy, backed by solid electronica. This is just one of hundreds of dance jams by DJ duo The Hood Internet, known for revamping recognizable hits with samples from more eccentric bands like Health. To get the most out of your workout, you need to switch it up and shock your system, just like a good remix.

Outta Your Mind

Hear "Outta Your Mind" on YouTube. (Warning: Explicit language.)

Lil Jon and LMFAO know about going full-tilt. Follow their lead for your last workout song and hold nothing back. Let the heavy stomp beat drain the last bit of energy out of you. Lil Jon reminds you that fatigue is only in your head as he growls with all his might, "Get outta your mind!" Better do what he says, because he sounds like he knows how to kickbox, too.

Lindsay Sanchez
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