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Holler, Wild Rose!: "Holler, Wild Rose!"

Holler, Wild Rose!
Holler, Wild Rose!

Holler, Wild Rose! channel psychedelic energy into powerful, moving shoegaze rock. On their new CD Our Little Hymnal, the New Jersey-based group shows their amazing ability to transition smoothly from tranquil, murky moods to explosive moments of release.

The cohesive set of songs on Our Little Hymnal was formed gradually over a five-year period. The album opens strong with the song "Holler, Wild Rose!" It's an epic track that manages to soar by too quickly, even though it clocks in at seven minutes. The song inspired the group to change their band name from their original title, "aDive." Drummer Ryan Smyth says, "I think it represents us perfectly, and that is the reason we adorn its name."

On the track "Sun Vines", the band's enormous sound surrounds John Mosloskie's sweet, reverb-laden vocals. "Captive Train" features some cleverly disjointed drum beats that come together for a steady, rolling groove. Aptly titled after the biblical term used for a pause in verse, "First Selah", "Second Selah", and "Third Selah" serve as short ambient intermissions.

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