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Tell Us: What Questions Do You Have About The Tribal Gaming Compact Dispute?

Flickr / Michael Kappel

State and tribal leaders are at odds over the gaming compact and how much money in fees Oklahoma should receive from tribal-run casinos. 

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt said the 15-year-old tribal compact ended on January 1, 2020. But, the Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association and tribal leaders have said the language within the compact outlines an automatic renewal.

Several nations have filed a federal lawsuit against Governor Stitt to end uncertainty about the compact's language. 

We're working on stories about the issue. What do you want to know about the dispute? Are there points of either argument you're confused about? What information do you need to understand your position on this issue better?

Tell us by texting 'FUND' to 405-351-6059 or enter you phone number below to get started. We won't share your answer publicly without your permission.

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