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Festival Promoting Peace Comes to Langston

For the first time ever, one of the biggest impact music festivals is coming to Langston University to spread love and not violence.

One Love, which now has more than 50 followers to the movement, will be bringing its event to Langston.

Over the past few months, racial tensions and violence have increased since the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

In light of that, a few students at Langston University are creating a music festival titled “One Love”.

Music Club President Phillip Desmukes explains the goal is to bring awareness of  the harm this brings to our community and our nation.

“One Love is really all about the music; it’s a lot of stuff happening in the world right now, a lot of crazy things riots and people going crazy basically. We want to give people a nice little atmosphere and we created this music festival just to go all out and really give people that full live music experience, we have some artist that will be performing live actually so the people get a chance to interact with them and really get to vibe out and see how they do. We also have some DJs coming through to drop some of their latest mixes, so it should be a pretty cool event.”

The title One Love came from the president of the club referring to past musician Bob Marley, meaning we can all love One another as one race: Human.

The festival is attracting many local and regional artists, such as The Tunes, The Durango’s and nationally known recording artist Bravo.

They are showing their consideration by either donating to help the loss of loved ones or just by committing to appear and help out.

Jasmine Franklin, a student at Langston University, talks about anticipation on and off campus regarding the music fest and what has lead up to it.

“From what I heard the festival is going to be awesome, everyone is going to be hype, all the artist are going to be out there. Its for everybody to just come out show support, still show that we can come as one a be all together as a community.”

The One Love festival is also attracting local elementary and after school programs to help their young ones know the difference between right and wrong when it comes to race.

There is a lot of things that’s been going on in the world like racism, and especially dealing with Ferguson, the verdict that was giving the other day about him not being guilty, there is just a lot going on, and I feel we should just stand together as a community.”

Phillip Desmukes says “Just remember this is the one love festival, we spreading love through the music, so just some out show you support we gone support you, get you over that hump, and hopefully just make the world better one day at a time.”

The festival takes place at Langston Lake this Wednesday night, December 10 from 4pm to 9pm.

The event includes refreshments and live entertainment.

Guest speakers include music enthusiast Bruce Palmore and philanthropist Aaron White.

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