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On Saturday June 22, 2019, the corner of Boulder and Archer will become the center of the universe for a Downhill Tricycle Race and festival—Boulder Dash! Be a kid again at Boulder Dash! and relive those memories of your childhood but tack on head to head competition, plenty of crashes, and 1000s of screaming spectators! It's free to come and spectate, we'll have food trucks, water balloons to toss at racers, games for the kids and plenty of delicious Welltown Brewing beers on tap! If you want to race, preregistration is required and there's only a limited number of slots. “Teams are comprised of 3 people, two pushers and a driver. The starting line is on top of Boulder Bridge and drivers race down the bridge and take a drifting turn on to Archer to then finish the race in front of Welltown Brewing” says Jeremy Diamond, Boulder Dash organizer. Each race will consist of two teams starting from the top of the hill. On go, the two pushers will have 10 feet to push their big-wheel driver down the course. After 10 feet, the pushers let go of the driver and driver needs to cross the finish line first to make it to the next round. In this bracket style race, it’s SINGLE elimination so drivers need to go all out if they want to continue racing. Boulder Dash! kicks off at Noon, Saturday June 22 with races beginning at 2pm and going until a champion is crowned. Spectators might get to have the most fun as they are encouraged to toss water balloons and cheer on their team as racers dodge course obstacles and even a ramp or two. Admission is free for all ages but preregistration is required if you want to race. For more information, go to the event’s Facebook page at Boulder Dash Tulsa, www.facebook.com/boulderdashtulsa or Website: boulderdashtulsa.com.

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