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Oklahoma Represents at SXSW Tradeshow Booth

Ryan LaCroix

The South by Southwest Tradeshow Exhibit is an impressive sight. Hundreds of booths fill the exhibit hall with large companies such as IBM next to small video game developers and smartphone app startups.

Companies from around the world flock to the trade show and states are getting in on the act as well. Of course, Texas is here – with three separate booths for tourism, film and music. There are also booths for Florida, Virginia and Michigan. The latter has a large interactive game that a representative calls a mixture of ping pong and tee ball, but instead of a tee, air keeps the beach balls hovering until the user hits it with a stick. It’s kind of hard to describe.

Next to the Michigan booth is the official Oklahoma booth, which features drop cards to download free Oklahoma music, tiny stress balls in the shape of buffalos and video screens with information of Oklahoma events at SXSW.

The SXSW Tradeshow exhibit ends its four-day run today, while the Buffalo Lounge and ACM@UCO team up to present bands this afternoon and tonight.

Tune in every day this week to hear what Oklahomans are doing at SXSW. And you can keep up with my daily SXSW adventures on Twitter –@KOSUryan

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