A Texan And A Kurd Found Love...Then Had To Tell Their Families

Apr 4, 2018

The StoryCorps mobile booth was in Oklahoma City in early 2018, and we're bringing you some of the stories that were recorded here. Locally recorded stories will air Wednesdays during Morning Edition and All Things Considered on KOSU.

Jonathan Jackson was working as a contractor in Erbil, in the northern part of Iraq…not exactly the place most people would find love. When Jonathan first saw Rigien Bagekany, he thought she was the coffee lady, not his counterpart in the meeting. But he couldn’t take his eyes off her. They figured out dating in two different cultures and decided to get married, but then they had to tell their families.

This story was produced for KOSU by Rachel Hubbard and Dustin Drew, with interviews recorded at StoryCorps, a renowned nonprofit organization celebrating the stories of everyday Americans.

Thank you to Phillips Murrah law firm for sponsoring StoryCorps' visit to Oklahoma City.