Oklahoma Democrats Pick Kay Floyd as New Senate Minority Leader

May 8, 2018

Oklahoma City Democratic Senator Kay Floyd has been selected as the minority leader for the next legislative session.

Sen. Floyd becomes the first woman in state history to lead a caucus in the Oklahoma State Senate when she takes the reins next year for the 57th legislature.

She says the Democrats have a large number of people running for Senate seats this year and hopes to see an increase in the minority party.

“It reflects a mandate that they are tired of business as usual, and they want things changed. So, we are in the process of getting to know our candidates. It is my hope to be able to work with them, and see if we can’t get some Democrats elected in the fall.”

The Senate has only eight Democrats to 39 Republicans, many of whom Floyd says still don’t accept the state has a revenue problem.

“They still think that you can cut government. They still think that you can cut education, and that simply is not working. And, until we get more of a balance in the legislature, in the Senate, in the House, we’re not going to see that change. And, it simply has got to change.”

Floyd is replacing term limited Norman Senator John Sparks. Sparks calls Floyd a "rock star" and says she will do an excellent job in leading the Senate Democratic Caucus.

Floyd was first elected to the Senate in 2014. Although she is running for reelection this fall, she drew no opponent for her District 46 seat.