New Mix: Deafheaven, Tim Hecker, John Grant And More

Jul 10, 2018
Originally published on July 10, 2018 12:27 pm

Love is often presented as something easy, a matter of simply following your heart. But in actuality, it's rarely that effortless. Several of this week's songs reflect the sour, absurd, and heartrending aspects of intimacy: Wet, one of Robin's picks, mourns the fact that "love is not enough." Singer-songwriter John Grant muses on its absurdity in his darkly comical "Love Is Magic." The episode's closer, black metal band Deafheaven, communicates their feelings most viscerally with a jarring, gruesome refrain. Deafheaven's new album, the aptly-titled Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, is available to stream on our website as part of our First Listen series until its release on July 13.

Also on the program: the classic guitar rock of Montreal singer Michael Rault, the urgent music of D.C. post-punk band Flasher, and the glitchy, atmospheric electronics of Tim Hecker. Plus, a happy National Sugar Cookie Day to Robin Hilton.

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