Meet the Hip-Hop Artist Transforming Tulsa's 'Outsiders' House Into A Museum

May 5, 2017

One of the musicians who rose to fame in the '90s with the group House of Pain is working to transform a Tulsa house made famous in the film adaptation of The Outsiders.

Danny Boy O’Connor, whose song "Jump Around" was a worldwide hit after its release 25 years ago today, is spearheading fundraising efforts to transform The Outsiders House into a museum celebrating The Outsiders and other S.E. Hinton novels that were adapted as films and shot in Tulsa, including Rumble Fish and Tex.

Actors from the film, including Ralph Macchio and C. Thomas Howell, will be at Cain’s Ballroom Saturday night for a sold out benefit concert and meet and greet to help O’Connor realize his dream of restoring the house as a museum.

O’Connor has been a fan of the book and film since his teenage years and says the story still resonates with people today because of its message of social inequality.

"There will always be the haves and the have-nots. Even when you have, you feel like you’re just never going to have enough. You might feel one side of the fence and the other–there’s always those two, you know. To me that’s what it is–it will always identify with that and then wanting to find your tribe and your people to like go through it with."

O'Connor has been enamored with The Outsiders house and other locations made famous in the film since first visiting Tulsa while touring in 2007.

"Unlike Los Angeles or New York, or any major city where they film a lot, if you blink things change. And that house looked like it did in '82 and that movie theater looked like it did in '82, except for it was missing the screen—it had just burned down—but the actual grounds and when they sneak in it was just like being in the '50s actually."

O'Connor hopes to open the museum by the end of this year.