LISTEN: Remembering Boyd Littell

Nov 13, 2017

Oklahoma musician Boyd Littell passed away on on Tuesday, October 31, following a bicycle accident in Portland, Oregon. He was 40.

Littell played in dozens of Oklahoma bands: ADDverse Effects, The Ills, Mama Sweet, Stereopimp, Scabby Itchins, Skinfonia, Pidgin, Thumpre, D-Lux Vortex, Conjunto Clave, The Method, The Projects, Blues Man/ Blues Devil, Tao Chemical, Tritones, Tincture, Blue Light Special, Lord High Octane & the Kam Shaft Kings, and several others.

We put together a 10-song tribute last week on the Oklahoma Rock Show and we're making it public for his family, friends, and fans to enjoy. You can listen through the play button at the top of this post or download the segment here.

A big thank you goes out to Jon Mooneyham, Kasra George Ahmadi, James Spake, Tobias Schiele, Jared Handrich, Marcus Jones, and Sarah Reid for helping us gather all of these songs for our show.