Headlines: Education and Elections, Drug Overdose Deaths & Mike Stoops Out

Oct 8, 2018

Headlines for Monday, October 8, 2018:

  • Gubernatorial candidates promise more money for schools. (NewsOK)
  • State GOP reconsiders message after loss by incumbents. (NewsOK)
  • OKC attorney hopes to defeat incumbent Attorney General. (Tulsa World)
  • A look at the race for Insurance Commissioner. (Tulsa World)
  • Minority Oklahomans are getting absentee ballots applications in the mail. (NewsOK)
  • Political messages are increasing in social media. (Tulsa World)
  • Medical marijuana licensing points to ratio of 12 patients per dispensary. (Tulsa World)
  • Oklahoma sees a decrease in opioid deaths while fatal meth overdoses are increasing. (NewsOK)
  • An Oil company recruits new employees as Baby Boomers retire. (Journal Record)
  • Mayors push for more startup businesses. (Tulsa World)
  • OKC FAA employees exempt from furloughs under new authorization bill. (NewsOK)
  • WRWAt officials reexamine program to incentivize airlines. (Journal Record)
  • OU fires defensive coordinator Mike Stoops. (NewsOK)